Waterlore specializes in water resources management. Water resources management is not just about making sure there is water in the river or dam, but ensuring that the availability of the water is sustainable, that the management, utilisation and development of that water resources is conducted in a sustainable manner, in order to support social upliftment and economic development while not undermining the resource base or ecosystem resilience that provides the water resource.

Waterlore focuses on 3 core management streams:

  • Policy  – the framework in which water resources management takes place, including review and drafting policy and legislation, institutional structures, compliance and enforcement systems.
  • Planning – compiling resource management plans for specific water resources or geographic areas including Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) plans, Catchment Management Plans, and adaptation and resilience plans.
  • Education – training of users in water resources management, from government officials, extension officers, communities to school children, through curriculum development and development of teaching materials.


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